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AminoA BLAAZT is a hybrid product, combining protected stabilised amine Nitrogen, complexed calcium, micronutrients, and fulvic and humic acid with a broad spectrum of L-isomer amino-acids.

It is formulated to mix with most agrochemicals* and improve their efficiency, meaning less field operations and significant amounts of the crop’s nutritional requirements can be delivered together.

AminoA BLAAZT contains:


  • Nitrogen in the Amine form.
  • Phosphate and potash; essential elements for root and cell wall development.
  • Complexed calcium and boron, helping stimulate continuous root development which increases the plants ability to uptake nutrients and reduce apical dominance.
  • Fulvic and Humic acid - natural growth stimulants.
  • L-isomer amino-acids; increase bio-synthesis of proteins, promote efficient plant growth and increase resistance to abiotic and biotic stress.



Recommendations for use:


  • Milling Wheat
    • To boost protein, apply 10 litres per hectare between boots swollen (GS45) and mid flowering (GS65), in 100 litres Hp.

  • All other crops and grassland
    • Apply AminoA BLAAZT 10 litres in 100 - 200 litres H20 per hectare.
    • Monitor crop growth by leaf tissue analysis, only apply other forms of Nitrogen as required.
    • Repeat as necessary to coincide with agrochemical applications.*
    • *Do not mix with HRAC Mode of Action B herbicides (ALS inhibitors as their mode of action is to inhibit the enzyme responsible for biosynthesis of branch chain amino-acids).
    • However applications of these herbicides may be made 7 days after mixtures including AminoA BLAAZT.