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Olive (Olea europaea) is a species of an evergreen small tree. The olive’s fruit, is major agricultural industry in the Mediterranean region as the source of olive oil.

There are hundreds of the olive tree varieties.Olive trees prefere calcareous soils, limestone slopes, and coastal climate conditions. They grow in any light soil, even on clay if well drained, but in rich soils they are predisposed to disease and produce poorer oil than in poorer soil. Olives like hot weather and sunny positions without any shade while temperatures below zero may injure even a mature tree. They tolerate drought well, thanks to their sturdy and extensive root system. Olives grow very slowly and can live for several centuries and can remain productive for as long if they are pruned correctly and regularly.

The most serious pest is the olive fruit fly.

Using olives found lying on the ground can result in poor quality oil, due to damage. Table olive varieties are more difficult to harvest, as workers must take care not to damage the fruit.



Efficacy over bud development in trees


 Olives 2017 Cardiff GB

 Olives setting on tree end May 2017 Cardiff Wales.

One year after planting out!


Foliar development efficacy in Olive trees