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New universal tank mix bio-stimulant optimises agricultural practices and enhances crop yields

AminoA MIXAA combines universal compatibility with all agrochemical tank mixes, while providing crops with essential nutrients and amino acids.

A ground-breaking new bio-stimulant, featuring a unique blend of essential nutrients, amino acids and Fulvic acid, is unlocking access to optimised plant health and productivity, without compromising the effectiveness of ALS inhibitor herbicides.

AminoA MIXAA is the essential new universal tank mix for sustainable farming practices, and is the latest introduction from UK biotechnology company, AminoA.

“In the world of agriculture, the quest for enhancing crop yield and quality is never-ending, and the use of bio-stimulants and herbicides in tank mixes has been a common practice to achieve this goal,” says AminoA managing director, Richard Phillips.

“However, the challenge has always been to find a universal tank mix partner that not only nourishes crops, but also enhances the effectiveness of other products in the mix. That's where AminoA MIXAA comes in,” he adds.

AminoA MIXAA has been specifically developed to be a universal tank mix partner, capable of reinforcing the action of all products in the mix. This includes ALS inhibitor herbicides, widely used to control weed growth.

“The key to AminoA MIXAA's universal compatibility lies in its innovative formulation,” says Mr Phillips. “Fulvic acid, a core component of AminoA MIXAA, is known for its ability to enhance nutrient uptake in plants. This ensures that crops absorb all the beneficial compounds from the tank mix, maximising the impact of each product.

“In addition, AminoA MIXAA uses advanced chemistry to ensure it works in harmony with all partner products in the tank mix. As a result, while your crops are being nourished by AminoA MIXAA, the herbicides in the mix continue to effectively manage weed growth,” he adds.

Why Include AminoA MIXAA in application programmes?

Universal Compatibility - AminoA MIXAA’s compatibility with ALS inhibitor herbicides is a significant breakthrough. This compatibility ensures that weed management strategies remains uncompromised, while crops benefit from the nourishing elements of the bio-stimulant.

Enhanced Nutrient Uptake - AminoA MIXAA contains Fulvic acid, known for enhancing nutrient uptake in plants. This ensures crops absorb all beneficial compounds in the tank mix, maximising the benefits of each product.

Healthy, Robust Crops - AminoA MIXAA provides crops with the essential nutrients they need to thrive. This can lead to healthier, more robust crops, and ultimately, enhanced yield.

Eco-Friendly - AminoA MIXAA aligns with sustainable farming practices. It is an environmentally friendly product that enhances the health and productivity of crops, without causing harm to the environment.

“By incorporating this powerful bio-stimulant into farming practices, growers will not only reap the benefits of healthier, more productive crops, but will also be investing in sustainable solutions to help preserve our environment for future generations,” says Mr Phillips

“AminoA MIXAA is more than just a bio-stimulant. It is a game-changer for farmers and growers looking to optimise their crop yield and work in harmony with nature,” he concludes.