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 Organic Approvals


AminoA Biostimulants are whenever possible made from natural high quality raw materials and are mainly approved for use in Organic systems by O F & G ( Organic Farmers and Growers) in the UK.

These standards adhere to at least the European Union minimum standards for Organic certification and are recognised as equivalent to NOP standards since 2012. Therefore it is not necessary to apply for US NOP certification for our approved products.


Aminoa Plus






Aminoa Pro

AminoA PRO

are both approved for use under the Restricted approval scheme.

Soil Association members in the UK can apply to the Soil Association use them, and provided that there is a valid reason, will probably be granted permission.

They natural products with no fillers or additives and contains every essential amino acid. They are also a valuable sources of Nitrogen and Iron which are often lacking in Organic systems, particularly on calcereous soils. They give excellent results in conventional high input systems so should be a product of choice in all Organic systems. Many organic growers struggle to achieve high protein milling wheat and the substantial premium that this attracts. Applying AminoA PLUS or PRO are a reliable means of boosting grain protein.






Organic Certification Approval



Aminoa Gro


AminoA GRO is an easy to use liquid natural amino acid complex formulated to be suitable for use in organic production systems and is fully approved by OF & G ( Organic Farmers and Growers).

It is obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis obtained using high quality, stringently selected vegetal sources that guarantee the final product meets the highest quality standards.




Aminoa Maax

AminoA MAAX is a water soluble powder amino-acid concentrate derived from vegatal protein but is still under development. We anticipate that it will be suitable for full organic approval and should be commercially available in Spring 2018.



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