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Harnessing the Power of AminoA FLO: Enhancing Fungicide Activity in the Phloem for Sustainable Crop Protection


Fungicides play a vital role in safeguarding crops against devastating fungal diseases.

Systemic fungicides, in particular, are designed to be absorbed by plants and translocated through the phloem, providing broad-spectrum protection against fungal pathogens. However, excessive fungicide use can lead to environmental concerns and the development of resistance in fungal populations.


Co-applying AminoA FLO with systemic fungicides offers a promising solution to enhance their activity in the phloem and reduce the required fungicide doses. By embracing this combined approach, farmers can achieve effective disease control whilst minimising the environmental impact of fungicide use, preserving the vital role of endophytes in plant health and resilience.


Here are the key benefits of this combined approach:


Improved Phloem Uptake and Translocation

  • AminoA FLO has been shown to enhance the systemic movement of pesticides within plants. When co-applied with systemic fungicides, AminoA FLO can facilitate their uptake and translocation within the phloem. This allows for better distribution of fungicides throughout the plant, reaching target tissues and providing enhanced disease control.


Enhanced Fungicide Efficacy

  • By improving the phloem uptake and translocation of systemic fungicides, co-applying AminoA FLO can enhance their overall efficacy. This means that lower doses of fungicides can be used while still achieving effective disease control. Reducing fungicide rates is not only beneficial for the environment but also for the preservation of endophytes, which play a crucial role in plant health and resilience.


Promoting Endophyte Preservation

  • Endophytes are beneficial microorganisms that reside within plant tissues and contribute to plant health and disease resistance. By reducing fungicide rates, farmers can preserve the populations of these beneficial endophytes, allowing them to thrive and provide natural protection against fungal pathogens. This promotes a more balanced and sustainable agricultural system.


Sustainable Agriculture Practices

  • The combined approach of co-applying AminoA FLO with systemic fungicides aligns with the principles of sustainable agriculture. By reducing fungicide doses, farmers can minimize the environmental impact associated with chemical inputs while preserving the delicate balance of endophyte populations. This contributes to a more resilient and sustainable agricultural system.