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How amino acids can boost your crop performance!

Amino-acids are the building blocks of all life on this planet.
No animal nutritionist would dream of formulating a ration without accounting for and optimising amino-acid levels.
So why do we treat plants differently?
The theoretical yield of Winter Wheat is 22 tonnes ha and Oilseed Rape 9 tonnes ha.
Good growers do well to achieve 50% of this.
Limiting factors include:
  • nutrient availability
  • disease
  • insect damage
  • microbiologically compromised soils
  • weed competition
  • environmental stress ( waterlogging, drought, frost, poor photosynthetic conditions).
Correctly formulated and applied amino-acid products can help reduce these yield limiting factors in the following ways:
  • improved nutrient availablity by stimulating root development and increasing the uptake of micronutrients
  • priming the plant's natural defence mechanisms and aiding the penetration of fungicides
  • improving the uptake of insecticides
  • providing a feed source for soil microbes
  • reducing herbicide phytotoxicity in the crop and increasing the susceptibility of the target weed
  • providing the plant with a readymade source of amino-acids essential for cell division and growth the product of which is limited under conditions of stress.

At the moment in the UK we have snow in Scotland and drought in Kent all contributing to stress.

What are the functions of amino-acids in the plant?
There are twenty essential amino-acids that have different functions within the plant.
Please click here for a detailed list. www.aminoa.co.uk




                                     Trial above (Courtesy C J Cheiljedang)  demonstrates the differences in plant growth observed from the application of individual amino acids referenced against the Control in the top left of the picture.
They can clearly all have a positive influence. But AminoA+ contains every essential amino-acid so can have an influence in every stage of the plant's development.

Which amino-acid product to choose?
There are four basic product groups

  1. Animal protein based extracted by enzymatic hydrolysis
  2.  Plant protein based extracted by enzymatic hydrolysis
  3.  Animal protein based extracted by acid hydrolysis
  4.  Plant protein based extracted by acid hydrolysis
Animal protein contains every essential amino- acid
Plant proteins do not.
Therefore animal protein based products should be the product of choice provided that they are extracted by enzymes but most are extracted by acid hydrolysis.
Acid hydrolysis damages or destroys many amino-acids (eg Tryptophan) so when an product produced by acid hydrolysis is applied to the plant it has to  carry out further processes to produce the amino-acids it needs for cell division.
All products that contain amino-acids can have a positive effect on the plant but,in our opinion, for best results always select a product that contains amino-acids extracted from animal protein by enzymatic hydrolysis.

AminoA+ should be your product of choice as it is:
Strawberries Untreated Left v Treated Right

How can I use AminoA+ in my growing programme?
AminoA+ has been used in many different crops worldwide from Wheat to Bananas with positive results.
Used correctly it will influence the growth of any crop.
It can be used as a foliar spray, through fertigation systems or mixed into starter fertilisers.
We generally advise 0.5 -2.5 kg ha as a foliar spray
Click here for specific advice of how to use it in any crop.www.aminoa.co.uk

Can I tank mix it with other products?
We all know how agronomists like to give multi-product tank mix receipes so we have done some research on tank mixing!
Provided there are no physical antagonisms (always do a bucket test first)
AminoA+ will mix with any product ( and enhance the performance of many agrochemicals and micronutrients)
CAUTION: When applying with herbicides and growth regulators (do not apply more than 0.5 kg ha with herbicides that are already 'hot' on the crop or high doses of growth regulator as it can cause extreme crop shortening).
Always add to tank mixes last when the sprayer is 80% full and ensure that the product is properly mixed.
NB: Tank mixtures are carried out at the growers own risk.

Where can I buy AminoA+?
In the UK and Ireland we supply direct and will send product out by courier or pallet service from our warehouse near Cardiff, you can also collect if you prefer.
For EU and Rest of World contact us for your nearest supplier.
We will also soon have a secure automated order and payment service from our website.
Send us an order by email enquiries@aminoa.co.uk or call us on
UK Office 01633894300 ( International +441633894300)
Richard Phillips Mobile 07837724860 ( International +447837724860)

For the EU and Rest of World send us a request to find a distributor near you.