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Spring Technical Briefing AminoA+ Biostimulant - February 2016

AminoA+ is a unique 100% Active ingredient Biostimulant formulation which contains every essential amino acid in the L form (the only form that plants can assimilate). It can therefore stimulate plant growth and development especially in sub optimal growing conditions by providing the plant with the amino acids which it otherwise has to manufacture to stimulate cell division and growth. It also contains a highly concentrated nutrient pack to support the growth stimulated.


Winter Cereals

In the UK and Ireland, it has been an unusually warm and wet winter with a minimal amount of frost therefore crops are generally very forward as they have continued to grow. Whilst most crops appear to be in good condition there are an abundance of diseases present in all cereals which will need attention as soon as possible. Many crops, especially in the Western region, have experienced waterlogging and are poorly rooted. It is essential to have a good look at the crop’s root development and target poorly rooted crops for an application of AminoA+.
The current priorities for applications should be Winter Barley, to ensure tiller survival, Second Wheats, crops that have impaired rooting and min-zero till crops that are showing signs of stress. In general, we recommend using a 1.5 kg./ha dose rate. Apply with your next fungicide pass but, in general, the earlier the better as applications after GS29 will not have any influence on ear development. It will also help protect the crop from the effects of a late frost.
Another strategy which some growers are adopting in view of current low cereal prices is to use a small amount of product 0.5 kg./ha in every tank mix and reduce other inputs to make this cost neutral. As AminoA+ is highly concentrated, even this dose still delivers more active ingredient than 2-3 litres of typical biostimulant products.
In the event of a damaging frost event a 2.5 kg./ha application of AminoA+ as soon as possible after it occurs can help remediate the damage.


Winter Oilseed Rape

Generally, most crops are extremely lush and forward but there increasing levels of disease developing, especially LLS in crops that were not sprayed over the winter. There are also reports of significant levels of flea beetle larvae in petioles especially in the South and East indicating a late migration of adults aided by the mild conditions.
Our recommendation is to include 1.5 kg./ha AminoA+ with the next pass through the crop which will stimulate bud formation and also afford some level of frost protection. Prioritize any crops that are exhibiting signs of root impairment from waterlogging, club root etc. In the event of a damaging frost event a 2.5 kg./ha application of AminoA+ as soon as possible after it occurs can help remediate the damage.



AminoA+ is able to stimulate tuber numbers in potatoes if applied at tuber initiation so we would recommend applying 2 kg./ha at tuber initiation and then following up at 14 day intervals to build yield.
However, we have been looking at its potential as a tuber treatment and the initial results from tray trials are very encouraging with a massive amount of root activity being stimulated even on the surface of the tray. Given that we have had excellent results using it in mixtures with Amistar, in Asparagus, we believe that this mixture applied as planting could give positive results in stimulating early growth and intend to do some trials this year.


General Crops

All overwintered crops will benefit from an application of AminoA+ as soon as possible to stimulate early growth. Please contact us for crop specific recommendations.
Ideally applications of AminoA+ should be made to a dry leaf but if applied to a wet crop or if there is rainfall shortly after application it will be taken up through the root.
AminoA+ may be applied by as a foliar application by crop sprayer or applied by root fertigation (use concentrations of 1- 3.5 grms per litre in fertigation systems).
AminoA+is totally water soluble but should always be applied through an induction hopper, premixed or washed through a screen never add directly into the spray tank.
Always add to the tank mix last, ideally when the tank is about 80% full to limit foaming. If excessive foaming occurs, it may be necessary to use an anti-foaming agent.
Please note that physical compatibilities may not be approved tank-mixes. The tests do not check for any adverse crop phytotoxicity or for the biological efficacy of the individual components when applied in a tank-mix.


AminoA Ltd gives no warranty and accepts no liability in respect of physical compatibilities; therefore, use is at grower’s own risk.

For any tank-mix it is important that the appropriate manufacturer’s recommendations should be consulted and followed, and care taken to ensure that applications are made within the recommendations for each product.

All mixes should be sprayed immediately and agitated throughout until the spray tank is empty.

The user should ensure that all products to be tank-mixed with AminoA+ are approved for use on the crops which are to be sprayed. Always check individual product labels for any possible restrictions before making a tank-mix recommendation.

AminoA+ is packed in 15kg. bags and orders will be couriered out onto farm on the next working day provided orders are received before 1 pm.