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Trial results show remarkable performance and cost benefits with applications of biological treatments

As we head into the key autumn foliar treatment period for cereal crops, now is the time to include bio-stimulant applications within tank mixes to help achieve performance results demonstrated in the independent trials.

NIAB winter wheat trials undertaken at Coates, Gloucestershire, forming part of UK bio-technology company AminoA’s bio-stimulant registration dossier, have revealed further evidence of both the performance and costs benefits of the interaction of the natural bio-stimulant and nutrient source AminoA FLO with fungicides.

The untreated plot on the trials of winter wheat (var. Crusoe) showed a yield of 11.31t/ha, while two separate fungicide programmes saw an increase yield of 12.42t/ha and 13.00t/ha, at an input cost of £48.50 and £80 per ha respectively.

“The third fungicide programme, at a cost of just £28 per ha, plus 3 x 2 litres of AminoA FLO resulted in a massive yield of 15.50t/ha. The trials were on the same site as RL trials in Cirencester where treated Crusoe yielded 9.54t/ha and the untreated 8.12t/ha,” explains AminoA managing director Richard Phillips.

“To put this result into perspective the best RL treated yield for Crusoe this year was in Broughton, Hampshire at 13.52t/ha, also producing the highest untreated yield of 10.93t/ha. This adds further evidence to the return on investment and performance benefits of including AminoA FLO, or AminoA GRO, suitable for use in organic systems, within your tank mix during autumn applications,” he adds.

These NIAB trial results follow on from Scottish Agronomy trials on the biological seed treatment AminoA STAART on spring barley. Treated Laureate spring barley trials saw treated replicated plots average 10.02t/ha from a seed treatment alone.

“Individual plots yielded over 10.45t/ha which was the world spring barley record yield in 2014! Recent trials have also shown the STAART seed treatment programme costs £8/ha for a return of approximately £100,” adds Mr Phillips.

Like other products within the AminoA range, FLO, GRO and STAART are suitable for use with all crops.