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Use AminoA PLUS to protect sensitive crops from frost risk.

                      Use AminoA PLUS or PRO to protect sensitive crops from frost damage.

In the UK, the weather is predicted to cool down, with frosts forecast, just as many sensitive crops and orchards are flowering, so there is serious potential for damage and economic loss. Certain amino-acids such as Proline and Threonine act as natural anti-freeze and reduce the freezing point in the plant cell. This prevents or limits the damage that can be caused by late frosts.

AminoA PLUS is a highly concentrated biological crop biostimulant that contains every essential amino-acid in the L form. Applications made to flowering crops before moderate frosts ( -3-4oC) can prevent the freezing of the cell cytoplasm and subsequent damage.  

        Treated Strawberries 3.5 kg ha AminoAPLUS  4 days after -3.5oC frost     Untreated Strawberries 4 days after -3.5oC frost.


We recommend applying 3.5 kg ha AminoA PLUS in 500 litres water as a foliar spray to flowering crops before a frost event. AminoA PLUS is totally water soluble and suitable for applications as a foliar or through fertigation systems.

This application should give some level of frost protection for up to seven days. If risk of frost persists we recommend making another application every seven days until the risk period is over.

When large areas are to be protected, and it is difficult to treat these within 48 hours of a frost event, we recommend starting applications to low risk areas about five days before a likely event and treating the highest risk areas in the 48 hours before frost

In the event of crops being frosted AminoA PLUS can be used to remediate damage, apply 2.5 kg ha as soon after a frost event as possible, and repeat every 7 days until the crop recovers. See also the page on this website Anti Freeze for Plants.



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