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AminoA ICEAAX is an easy to use liquid L-isomer amino acid complex that stimulates the production of AFP (Anti-Freeze Proteins) in flowering fruit crops and reduces the freezing point of the cell cytoplasm enabling the crop to resist late frost. Results are generally reliable down to -3C but success depends on the duration and severity of the frost event and the RH.


AminoA ICEAAX contains only fully absorbable L-a type amino acids.

Standard Application Rate: Frost Protection 4 litres ha in minimum of 100 litres water.

Nutrition: 2.5 litres ha in minimum of 100 litres water.





AminoA ICEAAX should NOT be mixed with HRAC Mode of Action B herbicides, for best results apply AminoA ICEAAX 7 days before applications of this group of herbicides. Treat flowering fruit crops at a rate of 4 litres ha and maintain a spray concentration of at least 1%. Use the minimum water volume required to achieve good coverage. Please refer to the Herbicide Compatibility Guide at www.aminoa.co.uk


AminoA ICEAAX is generally compatible with fungicides and insecticides BUT it is recommended to carry out a simple jar compatibility test first.


WARNING - The above information and recommendations have been obtained from extensive studies and tests. However, given that many factors beyond our control may have an effect during an application, the Company only guarantees composition and formulation and will not accept liability for any damage or lack of efficacy arising from non-observance (total or partial of the instructions given on this label. Heavy metal content below the limits authorised for this classification.


STORAGE - Store in a cool, dry place in the sealed container. Non-corrosive, non-irritant. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from food, drinks and animal feed.