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AminoA STAART is a biological seed treatment that improves rooting and early growth.


It contains a complex of 18 L-isomer amino-acids, which are essential for early growth and development and increases the plant’s resistance to abiotic and biotic stress.
AminoA STAART treated seed performs better:


  • Maximising early crop vigour and emergence
  • Neutral pH of 6.5 which enables efficient nutrient uptake
  • Reduces the phytotoxicity of chemical seed treatments
  • Increases yields
  • Is not harmful to soil micro-biology or operators
  • Protects against biotic and abiotic stress
  • May be combined with fungicidal and insecticidal seed dressings (Subject to a compatibility test)
  • Reduces the overall pesticide requirement of the crop
  • Improves profits



Application rate:


  • Apply AminoA STAART undiluted to all seeds to achieve even coating and maximum seed loading
  • Typical application rate in Cereals 3 litres per tonne